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Ian takes on the World!

Geraldton WA
Geraldton WA

Ian's boat in rescue drama after being hit by 100 foot wave. Read more here:

On 31st July2011 Ian Geraghty commenced achieving the ambition of a lifetime - he will race around the world in a sailing boat. Ian explained in his own words what this amazing challenge will entail:

"When the starting gun goes off for the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race in July 2011 the fleet of ten sleek, stripped down 68-foot yachts will embark on a full circumnavigation of the globe. The racetrack is 40,000 miles long and it will take eleven months to complete the circumnavigation. The race is divided in to a series of eight legs and crews can decide how many of these to compete in. (Ian will compete in all eight.) There are 15 individual races in total contained within the eight legs and (just like in Formula One) points are awarded at the end of each race, building towards a championship total. This means that you can put a poor result behind you and head to the start of the next race with the possibility of gaining maximum points as you lead the field in.

Ian Geraghty

The crew members of each yacht will be pitting themselves against all the elements have to throw at us. It will be a mixture of long, tactical ocean races lasting many weeks, where endurance is tested to the limit and short, technical sprints. Weather will range from virtually flat calms to raging seas and storm force winds, enough to test the mettle of even the bravest of us.

I want to make this journey count, not just for me but for other people too, so I'm raising funds for Sail 4 Cancer. I hope you'll join with me in supporting them."

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Ian I think what you are doing is fantastic. You're living your dream and doing a lot of good while you're at it. Go, go , go! Steve Woolley


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Ian - Fair winds and calm(ish) seas. A small token of my esteem.


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Have a truly amazing trip and experience. We'll be thinking of you. Love Gale & Tim x
From G P Williams

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