Family Stories

“It was good to spend time together as it’s hard sometimes when Sebastian has to stay in hospital."

"Your help has made it possible for my family to get together again and just have fun at the sea side. Words can't describe how happy you made me and my family. Thank you is not enough."

"It was so great to have some days away from home and forget about cancer for a while. Our boys had smiles on their faces all day which was lovely to see."

"Eileen was telling me just how grateful they were to have had such a lovely time together. The timing and the tranquillity was perfect. She will remember that trip for ever.”

"It was quality time away making beautiful happy memories for my family to remember when I'm not here, which was only made possible through 4 Cancer. I will never be able to thank you enough."

"Thank you for giving my Tom his smile back when I wasn't able to. To me, his mum, that is just priceless."

"4 Cancer gave us the chance to have a family break. We feel it was a wonderful gift and it made us feel lucky to still be able to have a break together as a family. Thank you"

"4 Cancer gave our family a wonderful day out; our son is still receiving chemotherapy and it gave him a chance to be out in the fresh air, with his family having a really great time!"

"Having that break organised for us made my kids realise they would smile and laugh again and created some very special memories."

"I must admit I had a lump in my throat when I thought how proud Chloe's parents would have been of her, enjoying life to the full. "

"This holiday gave us something to look forward to and took our minds off what was the hardest time of our lives."

"Going to Turkey made us feel like a normal family again. Nobody knew what Iona had been through, all they saw was a girl with short hair"

"Having a child with cancer is such a hard thing to live with day to day...This chance to briefly escape and relax was wonderful and having something to look forward to was great for the children. To be able to give this experience to our family was priceless."

"We were able to be a normal family for once and nobody knew I was a cancer patient. It was great for us to be together and to forget about the past few years. What you do really does help families like ours."

...just what we needed to pull us all together and try to put some distance between us & the dreaded 'C'

''An incredible morale booster, sailing for the day felt so freeing and enabled my fiancé and I to spend some quality, fun time together. I cannot express enough what a lift this experience was for us both. Thank you so much!''

"We are all eternally grateful as you have given us the ability to laugh again, which is a wonderful gift."

"This was a life-changing adventure for me! It boosted my confidence tremendously and made me feel a million dollars."

"We really had the time of our lives and I just wanted to thank all the staff at Sail 4 Cancer for allowing us to have this opportunity. It made me feel truly blessed despite two more lots of surgery coming up."

"Having never sailed before it was a truly special and unique day spent with my daughter. We always smile when we think about it."

"It was a great day out and gave us something to treasure for many years to come. Regardless of how things turn out, it will be a memory of a fantastic time with great friends."

"I have been through a very rough year finding out I have secondary cancer. My husband has been my rock and the day was just spent laughing and enjoying ourselves. A day off from cancer. Many many thanks, it was brilliant."

"I was able to forget all about hospital visits, ongoing tests and treatment and I really appreciate the opportunity you gave me to lay down new shared memories with my sons that have absolutely nothing to do with cancer."

"I had a lovely time always laughing because our crew made it so much fun. It was a brilliant day, thank you all so very much."

"For the first time in four years I was 'normal'. My thoughts about my future or lack of it just melted away."

"Luke could not stop going on about how much fun and enjoyment he had. Sailing is one hobby / interest he feels on equal terms with others."

"After an awful year we felt so lucky to be able to get away and forget all of our worries for a fantastic week. I feel like my old self again"

"Sailing is an amazing experience. It relaxed me and made me more positive about life. Doing something new makes a huge difference to anyone affected by cancer and the implications that has on their life."

"George had a fantastic time (so did I!) and is still talking non stop about how much he enjoyed it and asking when can he go again. He is due another operation on his leg very soon so the sailing trip has really taken his mind off it. Thanks once again."

"Thanks to people like you it gives people suffering from this terrible disease a big boost in their lives."

"Thank you for an absolutely marvelous day out sailing on the Solent! A wonderful day which did everything that it was supposed to do. A real change which buoyed us up."

"Many thanks to you for a really fantastic sailing day. It was just the tonic before my next hospital stay for treatment at the weekend."

"It's thanks to your charity and the wonderful work you do that families such as mine are able to take a step back and remind themselves how wonderful life can be despite all the adversity. Thank you so much. It was a life-changing experience."

"We felt very at ease and relaxed, no questions, no cancer conversations; it was great to forget about home life. It really did bring the smiles back to our faces and for once in a long time we forgot about life's troubles."

"I feel now we have got our old Holly back so thank you again."

"I had a wonderful week and for a few brief moments remembered exactly who I am. I plan to build on those treasured memories as I rebuild my future."

"To off-set endless hours spent in hospital wards we are determined to provide them with an experience which helps them gain a sense of normality and an opportunity to rebuild their confidence."

"It was wonderful to watch Caroline take part in windsurfing, snorkeling, swimming, tennis, cycling and fitness classes - it was like seeing the Caroline of old."

"Many thanks for a really fantastic day out sailing to Cowes. It was a wonderful adventure and welcome distraction for both myself and my father."

"Being diagnosed with cancer was an extremely stressful time and after the chemo and radiotherapy it was a pleasure to have something to look forward to."

"We would not had been able to have this fantastic holiday without Sail 4 Cancer; it allowed us to forget the illness for a short time..."

"We just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at Sail 4 Cancer & Neilson for making this holiday possible, including all the fundraisers who work so hard & give up so much of their valuable time."

"The holiday has really boosted my confidence; for a week I swam and did things I never ever thought I would do and I did not think about cancer for more than a fleeting moment the whole week."

"I had a really wonderful time which took my mind off my ongoing chemo treatment for a while. It has really boosted my morale and I cannot thank you enough."

"I was very grateful for the opportunity to offer our young guests a new experience. Each new activity they try and get involved in really helps to boost their self esteem and confidence..."

"I just wanted to say thankyou for the sailing trip and everything! I've never been sailing before and I never expected it to be that good. I had so much fun and it was great that my friend could come with me."

"When you fight the Big C on a daily basis it is hard to forget, but on Monday that was all forgotten, thank you!"

"Tuesday will rate as a very happy and unforgettable one in our special memories bank."

"It was such a lovely and wonderful experience and certainly the highlight of the year for me."

"The whole family has been gobsmacked to hear that Debbie "got stuck in" and even more surprised to hear that she went for the rib ride!"

"Having been so ill, Ruairí is not that strong, so when he discovered that he could water-ski it gave him an incredible feeling of success."

"It's reassuring to know that you are not the ony person to have gone through something like that - and here we are getting through it together with our

"Its great to be in the situation where we all have something in common and you don't judge each other. It is also good to learn how other people coped
with it"

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the weekend I have just been on - it was amazing!"

"There are some memories there (of facial expressions mainly!) that I know I'll treasure, I suspect they will too"

"I want to thank you all in helping Laura and myself have such a wonderful experience with the London Sailing Project."

"We would not get the chance to have a day out like this if you had not helped"

"You gave all the kids from Piam Brown Ward a fantastic day out and we are indebted to you all for making it possible"

"It is with much gratitude I write to thank you for your very kind sponsorship of my husband Brian, to sail with Gentle Adventures"

"Thank you again for taking the time to make the difference to the lives of children that have had to cope with things that no one should have to go through, let alone young kids"

"We were thrilled when asked us if we would like to sail from Hamble over to Cowes with other patients from the ward"

"We should all appreciate and admire the commitment you have made"

"It's great to hear what you are able to do for these families. Good luck."

"It is impossible for people not in our situation to understand just how precious the memories of such a great day can be"

"These days out for all the family to enjoy mean so much to us as we have to spend so much time apart"

"Two weeks before the trip my PSA reading had reached 28, my reading is now 10.8!"

"Everyone was so kind & so helpful - we really have something to remember"

"...It was so great having something to look forward to... especially as I am about to start another years worth of treatment"

"It brought tears to my eyes and I hope that all of you will take credit for making us all very happy"

"... I also achieved a lifetime ambition of water skiing..."

"I haven't had so much fun in ages"

"These sort of days out make all the difference!"

"Thank you for taking the time to make the difference to the lives of children that have had to cope with things that no one should have to go through"

"I cannot believe that you guys really comprehend what a difference you make..."

"...what a lovely time we had, wonderful weather, lovely hotel, nice staff and fantastic food..."

"Thank you very much for the holiday at The Retreat in Sivota, Greece. my partner and I enjoyed every minute we were there..."

Tracy had been diagnosed with an extremely rare form of sarcoma back in January 2002 just 18 months after the birth of her third daughter.

"Many thanks for a wonderful holiday. I really appreciated everything you all did for me..."

"We all throughly enjoyed ourselves and can't wait to get back out on the water"

"I am certain that the adrenaline rush from today alone will have improved my blood counts!"

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