Donate Your Boat

By donating your boat to Sail 4 Cancer, you will be helping families affected by cancer get away from the stress for a much-needed break.

If possible we will use the boat for our sailing programme but if we are unable to do so due to location and insurance limitations, we ask our partners to sell the boat to raise funds to support more families on our waiting list.

If the mutual decision is taken to sell the boat there are two options on how to proceed. Owners can keep possession of their boats and we arrange for our partner brokers to sell the boat and the funds are then donated to the charity after the sale OR Sail 4 Cancer takes ownership of the boat and the associated costs including mooring and insurance fees. This is particularly helpful for people who are facing escalating maintenance costs or where monthly mooring or storage costs are becoming a burden.

Once accepted for the scheme, any debts owed against the vessel will be paid off from the final selling price. To maximise the value of the donation, brokerage fees are waived or kept to an absolute minimum. If small repairs are required to increase the value of the boat the charity will take care of that too.

Example: Sealord

Ian Sawkins of Boatshed Scotland and Sealord owner Chris Woods

At the end of 2017 we were approached by Chris Woods on behalf of the Keith Black Will Trust who wanted to donate his Colvic Countess 33 to us. After considering whether to use her for our family sailing days it was eventually decided that the charity would get more benefit if she was sold and the funds used to give breaks to the many families on the waiting list.

Sail 4 Cancer contacted Ian Sawkins from Boatshed Scotland who agreed to market and sell her for us. On a cold winter’s day we met Ian and Chris to take ownership of Sealord at Tarbet on Loch Fyne in Scotland. It was clear that she was a much-loved boat and that the new owners would be lucky to have her. The Colvic Countess 33's are renowned for their large beam and spacious living space and Sealord has seven berths in two cabins making her a perfect option for family sailing. We became the official owners of Sealord a week later and took care of all the insurance and mooring fees from then on. We also had small repairs done to the boat and sails.

Throughout the winter Ian did his best and four months later had an offer from a couple from the Isle of Skye who bought Sealord. Ian took care of all the paperwork for the original owner, the charity and the new owners and supported everybody throughout the process.

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The proceeds from the sale of Sealord enabled us to support 10 families to have a break from cancer.

Leave Your Boat in your Will

Manage Inheritance Tax by leaving your boat to Sail 4 Cancer in your Will

Assets which are left to charities in Wills are exempt from Inheritance Tax. Consequently, boat owners can use the market value of their boat to reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax their family will owe after they die.

By leaving your boat to Sail 4 Cancer, you will be able to enjoy your boat as you get older, secure in the knowledge that when you die it will not become a millstone to your family. Even if your boat is moored overseas, it will immediately cease to be a cost or liability.

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