Sail 4 Cancer Family Afloat Weekend Residential

When family life has been taken over by hospital appointments and treatment schedules, it’s good to take some time off and enjoy a proper family day out. Our Family Afloat Weekend is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

Our Family Afloat Weekend Residential offers the opportunity to spend the weekend on “river time” - there is no rush, the days are as long as you want to make them. Choose your activity level according to your energy levels - watch the world go by from the deck or helm and navigate the ship. The Thames Venturer is a specially converted Dutch barge, so in addition to being a really comfortable way to sail the River Thames, it is safe for all ages and also fully accessible for those with a range of mobility issues (as long as we know in advance).

The trip is suitable for all ages and abilities.
There is no charge for participating in the weekend's activities.
Children under 14 MUST be accompanied on a one-to-one basis by an adult
Children over 14 but under 18 MUST be accompanied by at least one adult per two children.

Date for 2019:
Friday 20th to Monday 23rd September

Some of the lovely comments from the Family Riverboat Day 2018

“Thank you for the really enjoyable absorbing family day that stopped us thinking about the ‘cancer treadmill’. Very much appreciated and couldn’t have come at a better time. We all enjoyed the day as a family and have made some lovely memories.” Natasha

“Me and my mum and sister had lots of fun while spending time together and also meeting new people on the boat.” Yasna (age 15)

”We thoroughly enjoyed our day on the river, we were truly spoilt from delicious bacon rolls and coffee, and encouraging us to take part in the day. I never expected to take the wheel and it was a real confidence boost. I will remember our happy day on the river for a long time to come.” Jane

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