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Ocean Elements Nidri

Ocean Elements Nidri
Ocean Elements Nidri

At the north end of the lively village of Nidri, Ocean Elements base features a fantastic selection of dinghies - a real focus for the base which also features windsurfers, canoes and mountain bikes.

Guests in Nidri have already launched into a range of fun - zany even - activities to support Sail 4 Cancer , including a Fancydress Dinghy Race and the amazing...



The crew at Nidri have figured out the distance from the dingy beach to, um , would you believe, Santa's grotto in Iceland. The challenge was for guests and staff to paddle stand up paddle boards (in full reindeer regalia of course) all the way there by paddling the equivalent number of hours it would take to get there around laps of the bay and off lying islet! That was 52 hours of paddling and all in time for half way to Christmas (that's Tuesday 25th June). As well as some great photo opportunities, this has brought in some excellent sponsorship.

Total Wipeout Nidri style
this looks very painful


It would appear that along with the SUP event, Nidri has seen its own version of Total Wipeout, thanks to James and the kids club; apparently it got a little heated in the last round resulting in one of the staff members being rugby tackled into the water to prevent him from winning. Amazing fun all round.

Last week they did Pirate day which was very successful, all the guests dressed up in their best costumes whilst the kids club painted their faces, they looked very scary. Later in the afternoon they did a treasure hunt, walk the plank and kayak tug of war.

The cycle challenge

James and Megan have been working with the Youth Squad and Tigers Club each week and have put on a stall which has sold everything from yummy cakes to fruit kebabs and delicious mock-tails!

And finally the adults have also been busy with crazy antics too - it looks like Mark was subjected to something very painful involving waxing strips. Plus Liam & Alex, along with a supportive guest, did a serious cycle challenge - Alex (the bike guide) did it with 1 brake, 1 gear and no saddle, whilst Liam sported a very fetching polka dot bikini...

...a very fetching polka dot bikini...
The cyclists

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Thanks for all the brilliant funny things you are doing to raise funds and for giving your clients a really memorable time
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Keep going,you're nearly there! Jane&Niall.x
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Well done all at Nidri. We had a great holiday. Alex, Ali and Bob
From Mr R J Rendall


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Go Santa Go
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Well done Ocean Elements! Keep up the good work.
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