George Bell

to spend 24 Hours in a Liferaft

George Bell

George Bell from the Warsash Maritime Academy is preparing to brave the elements and experience what every sailor hopes they NEVER have to do for real - spend 24 hours in a liferaft.

On Friday 21st March a team of students from Warsash Maritime Academy (part of Southampton Solent University), including George, will clamber into their raft and commence learning at first hand just what it would be like to be cast adrift as their boat sinks behind them. But this challenge is not only a chance to enhance their studies, but a great opportunity to raise funds and awareness for those whose difficult times will last a great deal longer than 24 hours - UK families living with cancer.

George says:

"Cancer is close to my heart as a close family member has just battled through it. In 2013 I raised almost a £1,000 for cancer charities and feel that this challenge is an awesome method for raising more. I really think this will be an amazing challenge, and will be a real test of perseverance. Hopefully we can all raise a significant amount of money for this awesome cause."

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Donors & messages of support

Go for it Hamish - we will be thinking of you xxx
From Richard P Raymont


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Gift Aid
What if the liferaft has a problem? Do you have a liferaft on the liferaft!! Good luck.
From A Bell


+ £12.50
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Good effort fella.
From Steven bell


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We'll done buddy, it's people like you who really can make difference xxx
From Mrs s bell


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Hope all goes well
From Roger A K Forster

Well in Georgie Boy


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Come on Georgeyyyyy!!! :)
From Mr M C Chapman

no message


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Good Luck George! Don't be sneaking any choccy bars or nachos on that raft !
From Jonathan Banks

Good luck Bud. Can I borrow your van while your busy?!!! Lol. Xxx
From A M Snell

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