Matthew Shipman

to spend 24 Hours in a Liferaft


Matthew Shipman from the Warsash Maritime Academy is preparing to brave the elements and experience what every sailor hopes they NEVER have to do for real - spend 24 hours in a liferaft.

On Friday 21st March a team of students from Warsash Maritime Academy (part of Southampton Solent University), including Matthew, will clamber into their raft and commence learning at first hand just what it would be like to be cast adrift as their boat sinks behind them. But this challenge is not only a chance to enhance their studies, but a great opportunity to raise funds and awareness for those whose difficult times will last a great deal longer than 24 hours - UK families living with cancer.

Matthew says:

"Hi my name is Matt; I'm currently working as a Deck Cadet at the Warsash Maritime Academy, thanks to the sponsorship of Marsh through the charitable organisation Maritime London. Before coming to the Academy I was a Yachtmaster Ocean, working freelance for the past 3 years. I've spent 12,700 miles on the sea so far but thankfully none of that time in a liferaft. I'm doing this challenge because cancer has become such a huge issue around the globe and not only that but it has affected my family rather seriously in recent years. This is very much a personal thing for me to raise money and awareness for a truly horrible disease; I'm also of the belief that when you get the power and opportunity to make a difference no matter how small you should take it. This challenge ties in very well to what I do for a living and I can't think of a better way to help the charity and help beat cancer."

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Donors & messages of support

Good luck!
From Miss J H Cresswell


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You can doooo eeeeiiiiiiittttttt
From Mr H McCormick

This is for a great cause
From Anon


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Go for it Matt best of luck hope its not too cold
From J.Pownall


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Have fun might be a bit strong - hope it goes well!

Well done Matthew I am very proud of you. I am sure it will be a challenge but knowing you it will be a challenge you will be looking forward to.
From Mrs A O Cooper

Matt, great cause! Will be thinking of you on the 21st March. From Adam, Kels and Vicks.
From A C Bentley

Good on you Matt, rather you than me. Good Luck Kate xx
From mrs K A Coates

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